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effective branding comes from creating a personality with integrity. we work with our clients to discover and develop a clear, concise, and recognizable brand image that remains consistent accross all platforms. our corporate identity services provide more than just a logo, but an integration of style in every detail that unifies your messages and helps you stand out in the market place.

visual branding

we make you look good!

whether working with an established visual style or helping you develop one from scratch, we start with the end in mind and strive towards a cool, clean, and consistent style that helps separate our clients from their competitors. in other words, we create brand identity.

it takes very careful consideration of your marketing efforts to create a unified image of your business. at mcs, we specialize in the creation and maintenance of strong brand identities and carefully plan all of our projects to coordinate with and strengthen the public image of your business.

semper sursum

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What I didn’t expect was how affordable they made it for us to ditch the old site and start anew, which I never imagined would be possible with our budget. When the final product was presented, it was obvious that Rusty and his partner, Bryan Harris, went above and beyond the terms of the original agreement to deliver, within a matter of three short weeks, exactly what we needed.

- Chris Zook, SD/PEN President

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